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Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 15, 2018 L M S

Yue Opera is second only to Peking Opera among the major Chinese opera categories. It originated in Shengzhou, Zhejiang, in the mid-19th century. Early on the main performers were male, but “women’s Yue opera,” featuring female performers, has been mainstream since the 1920s. Today there is also a small repertoire with both male and female performers.

The Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, founded in 1984, is a professional women’s opera performance organization. Its classic programs include “Birthday Celebration by Five Daughters,” “Butterfly Lovers,” and “The Romance of the Western Chamber.” It is a success story showcasing the evolution of the traditional opera heritage.

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