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Hangzhou residents receive discount on face masks

| ehangzhou.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-03-25

Hangzhou residents can buy face masks at a discounted price without any need to make a reservation starting March 20, according to a recent local media release. 

Residents can buy face masks at a price of 1.5 yuan (21 cents) each by entering the Hangzhou Face Mask (杭州口罩) division on NetEase Yanxuan (网易严选) app.

With the support of the Hangzhou bureau of economy and information technology, various districts in Hangzhou have been allowing residents to buy masks on the NetEase Yanxuan platform since March 1. To date, more than 40 million masks have been sold on the platform.

After a successful pilot run in Hangzhou, residents from the other parts of Zhejiang province can now also buy masks on the platform.

The Hangzhou government is encouraging residents to be reasonable when buying masks and avoid panic buying, stockpiling or reselling.

The local government has also reminded residents that the price of masks may vary as the price of raw materials and production capacity change.

For Hangzhou residents looking to buy face masks, please scan the following QR code.

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