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Gudang Farmer's Market

| ehangzhou.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-04-10


Gudang Farmer's Market, famous in Zhejiang province and throughout the country, has been receiving foreign guests for 12 years.

The facilities in the market are equipped up to municipal standards. Each year, 150 to 250 governmental groups visit the market to learn about its management experience. It also arranges trainings for counterpart units. The general manager of the market was invited by the Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce to give classes on farmer's market management for four years in a row.

Thanks to its professional management and outstanding facilities, the market won a number of prizes at municipal assessment events, such as "Hangzhou's best qualified experience site" in 2009, one of "Hangzhou's top 20 international experience sites" in 2015 and "Hangzhou's international tourism destination" in 2016. It is also a teaching spot for commerce and trade courses.

Address: Besides Zhejiang Guoli Hotel, at the cross of Tianmushan Road and Gucui Road

Contact Persons: Jin Chang, Zhao Fangming

Tel: +86-0571-84024578, +86-18858119000, +86-0571-85024578, +86-13605807771

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