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Hangzhou Creative Design Center

| ehangzhou.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-04-17


The Hangzhou Creative Design Center is a comprehensive service platform for the cultural creativity industry. Supported by Hangzhou authorities, it is the only core area of the cross-Straits cooperation pilot zone for the cultural creativity industry authorized by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council.

With design as its major focus the center integrates the elements of fashion and creativity. It is not only home to outstanding creative design enterprises, such as the Rococo and Wu Qing Gold Engraving Museum, but also provides support facilities such as a hotel, cinema, coffee shop and restaurant. It is designed to be an open, interactive and experiential highland of the cultural creativity industry, promote creative ideas among the public and let them enjoy the changes brought about by design.

The center is a destination for leisure and entertainment. Once there citizens can try their hands at carpentry, pottery, leather ware, and floriculture. They can also buy cultural creative products in a Taiwan style and take part in activities like exhibitions, salons, lectures and press conferences.

Address: Genshan West Road No 102, Hangzhou City

Contact persons: Li Shuilin, Chen Xiong

Tel: +86-13606700578, +86-13858017736

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