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Book series to tell good stories of Hangzhou

| Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel | Updated: 2020-09-27


[Photo/Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel]

The book release ceremony for the long anticipated book series titled To Tell Good Stories of Hangzhou was held on Sept 25 in Hangzhou Citizen Center. The entire series will contain as many as 100 books, and will be sold both online and offline.

To Tell Good Stories of Hangzhou is an encyclopedia that possesses a comprehensive coverage of Hangzhou in multidimensional and panoramic view, with regard to history, landscape, culture, art, humanity, etc. Together with the first batch of 20 books are their respective audios. The users may download them on audio apps like Ximalaya and Dragonfly FM.

The completion of the series was quite an effort that requires the involvement from all strengths. 20 more books will be released by the end of this year, and the rest of  them by 2022 Asian Games.

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