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What Daka China has brought me to know about HZ

By Hassna Ennami| Hangzhoufeel| Updated: July 1, 2021 L M S

As a Moroccan girl, my dream of studying abroad in China became a reality as I first embarked in Ningbo university for my MBA degree, and currently I'm enrolled in the PhD program of Zhejiang university, precisely at the school of Management. During my stay in China, I have learned so much about the country, the rich culture, history and the language. And I also witnessed the innovation, the fast-growing economy and technology here in a very short time!

Here came my participation in the "Daka China - Hello, The Yangtze River Delta" Global Communication Event to check in Hangzhou from June 26, where I met other international influencers and together we had the opportunity to discover the green, intelligent, modern and civilized concept of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, to ride along the famous Grand Canal connecting Hangzhou to Beijing, and to experience the grass-roots practice of Hangzhou's future community construction in Fenghuang village and the high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration area which is the Enjoy Town.

Since my interest of research is based on the innovation and the social governance, I was most impressed by the Enjoy Town model, which follows the concept of Singapore's TOD community, and it has all the services and the infrastructure needed for a prosperous living. At the same time, it is modern, eco-friendly and connected to the future through the digitalized services, such as: The 100% electric public transportation hub, the "lejiayuan" digital system implemented to build a "colorful cloud future community" covering community residents and responding perfectly to the social governance application, and the "New Town Neighborhood Health Cultural Center" that integrates consumption and many other functions.

I must say that I can not wait for the Asian Games to start, so visitors can enjoy the modern architecture of the Asian Games venues, the unique designs derived from the "Galaxy Phantom". And for exploring Hangzhou, besides the classical destinations in the city, I will also recommend visiting the Fenghuang Village (also known as the Phoenix Village), to meet the kind locals over there and to learn from their experience of transformation from a poor village to a famous rich one, by enhancing the public welfare of the collective economy while preserving their authentic culture and historical infrastructure.

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