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Hangzhou launches activities to celebrate Liangzhu Day

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: July 6, 2021 L M S


Liangzhu's South City Wall and Water Gate. [Photo/zj.zjol.com.cn]

Hangzhou in East China's Zhejiang province has launched a series of activities to celebrate the Hangzhou Liangzhu Day, which falls on July 6, local media reported.

Short video collection and exhibition

People are welcome to sign up for the activity and share the short videos they have made about Liangzhu.

Time: July 6 to Sept 10

Lu Junzhou's calligraphy work exhibition

A huge calligraphy work themed on Liangzhu's carved symbols and an art installation titled One Thousand Word Stone, which was inspired by Liangzhu's city wall, will make their debut.

Time: July 6 to 30

Free entrance to the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City

The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City will be open to the public free of charge from July 6 to 12, and activities revolving around studying, reading, exploration, and innovation will be organized.

Time: July 6 to 12

"Image Liangzhu" immersive exhibition

Visitors can admire the ancient Liangzhu City at the temporary exhibition hall at the Liangzhu Museum.

Time: July 7 to Oct 31


Ruins of Liangzhu's Qiuwu Dam. [Photo/zj.zjol.com.cn]

Academic lecture

Wang Wei, director of the Institute of Archaeology, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, will be invited to give a lecture about the process of civilization in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River at the Liangzhu International Research Center on July 7. Those who are interested in the subject can sign up for the lecture via the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City's official WeChat account "liangzhugcyz" and the number of public audience will be limited to 100 people.

Time: July 7

Restored wooden components exhibition

People who are interested in the 5,000-year-old mysterious wooden components can sign up for the exhibition via the WeChat account "liangzhugcyz". The event is limited to 30 people.

People can also watch the videos and live broadcast on the social media platform Sina Weibo to learn about the excavation and the technologies used to restore the components.

Time: July 8

Seminar about Liangzhu and the origin of Chinese civilization

Time: July 9

Culturally creative products exhibition

Location: South City Wall of Liangzhu

Time: July 10 to 11

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