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Zhejiang to start selecting outstanding sci-tech talents

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 2, 2021 L M S

East China's Zhejiang province recently announced its selection process of outstanding young sci-tech talents, local media reported on July 31.

The First Outstanding Young Sci-tech Talents Award will have a maximum of 20 winners, who will be recognized as C-class talents in the province.

Zhejiang's C-class talents will receive subsidies from the local government in working, starting a business or offering consultations in the province.

Applicants for the award should be less than 40 years old for male talents and 45 years old for female talents. They must have worked more than two years in Zhejiang and they should also been citizens of the People's Republic of China.

In addition, these applicants should have made significant and innovative achievements in natural science or engineering technology or they should have contributed greatly to the popularization of science and technology, as well as the industrialization of sci-tech achievements.

Interested people can email their written materials, which can be printed from the website of Popular Science and Technology ("大众科技网") after submitting their applications on the website before Aug 31, to the Zhejiang Science and Technology Service Center before Sept 3.

Contact: Huang Yunjing, Wang Yangjie

Contact number: +86-571-85178033, +86-571-85107003

Consignee address: Room 510, office building of the Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, Wulin Square, Hangzhou

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