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Hangzhou receives 1.8m tourists during Mid-Autumn Festival holiday

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: September 22, 2021 L M S


Visitors admire an unearthed jade item displayed in Liangzhu Museum in Hangzhou. [Photo/IC]

Hangzhou, capital city of East China's Zhejiang province, welcomed more than 1.8 million tourists during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, which lasted from Sept 19 to 21 this year.

Statistics from Hangzhou culture and tourism development center show that tourists from Zhejiang province accounted for 69.96 percent of the total, with the cities of Shaoxing, Jiaxing and Ningbo being the largest sources of tourists.

Tourists outside Zhejiang mainly came from Shanghai (18.8 percent), Jiangsu (14.5 percent) and Anhui (10.5 percent) provinces.

Self-guided tours were most popular among Hangzhou tourists, many of whom visited places like the West Lake, the Great Canal and the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City.


The West Lake scenic area in Hangzhou. [Photo/IC]

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