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  • Aeon Mall

    Aeon Mall is the core enterprise of Aeon Group, the largest retail group in Japan, and the leader in that country’s shopping mall development.

    August 27, 2018

  • Yunji

    Yunji is a social e-commerce platform that was born at the beginning of the sharing economy.

    August 27, 2018

  • Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch

    CAFHZ is located in the Dajiangdong industry cluster zone of the city of Hangzhou.

    August 27, 2018

  • JNBY

    A renowned Hangzhou women’s fashion brand, JNBY's products include clothing, footwear, bags, hats, and scarves.

    August 16, 2018

  • Paradise Umbrella Group

    Oil-paper umbrellas are a traditional Han Chinese handicraft.

    August 16, 2018

  • Qing Chun Bao

    Qing Chun Bao is a well-known trademark in China.

    August 16, 2018

  • Toshiba Carrier Air-conditioning (China) Co Ltd

    Toshiba Carrier Air-conditioning (China) Co Ltd

    The company is located in the Xiasha Economic and Technology Development Zone of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

    June 20, 2018

  • General Electric Energy (Hangzhou) Co Ltd

    General Electric Energy (Hangzhou) Co Ltd

    General Electric Energy (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd is a very stable and competitive supply chain base for GE Power Treatment group on a global scale.

    June 20, 2018

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