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Huajiachi Community in Kaixuan subdistrict

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 14, 2018 L M S

Huajiachi Community is located in the northwestern part of the Kaixuan subdistrict, Jianggan district, Hangzhou, bordering Qiutao Road in the east, Kaixuan Road in the west, Fengqi Road in the south and Genshan West Road in the north. 

The community is home to more than 8,790 people in 2,324 households, including more than 2,000 temporary residents. 

Centering on providing a happy, civilized and harmonious environment for local people, the community hosts activities such as photography and handicrafts and offers elder care and mutual-aid services. It has collected honors for excellence in sports promotion, expatriate service, employment, popularization of laws regarding foreigners and family planning.

Address: No 258 Kaixuan Road, Jianggan district

Tel: +86-571-86971339



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