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Xiandaicheng (Modern Town) Community in Wenhui subdistrict

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Launched in December 2005, Xiandaicheng Community is now home to four residential complexes -- Xiandai Yayuan, Xiandai Mingyuan, Xiandai Jingyuan and Deshenglu 177, three apartment blocks -- Xiandai Zhongxin (Modern Center), Xiandai Zhichuang and Xiandai Zhixing, and three office buildings.

Covering an area of 0.25 square kilometer, the community has a registered population of 4,323 and more than 8,600 residents in 3,320 houses and 743 apartments.

According to the latest statistics, the residents include 85 foreigners, who are mainly students and workers and their family members.

It has a service center, a cultural station, a day care center, a calligraphy and painting room and a medical service station in a 1,330-sq-m area.

Address: No 303 Shaoxing Road, Xiacheng district

Tel: +86-571-85864058

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