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Lin’an Yishan Jiushe Hotel

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 14, 2018 L M S


Lying among Tianmu Mountains, the hotel is located at Taihuyuan Town, the source region of Taihu Basin. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty from the rolling mountains, luxuriant forests and clear and fresh streams and falls. 

The cozy and well-equipped rooms have private bathrooms and free toiletries and accessible hot water around the clock. Farm-flavored dishes are also served so that guests can have a try the country lifestyle. Staying here, people can bring their children to fish in the streams, walk along the mountain trails with their lovers and take their parents to breathe the fresh air in the forests. 

Address: Dongjiashan, Waihengdu Group, Linmu Village, Taihuyuan Town, Lin’an District (close to 205 Provincial Highway)

Contact: 0086-0571-86897032

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