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West Lake Water Shield Soup

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 14, 2018 L M S

Water shield is a tiny aquatic plant cultivated in China’s three lakes. However, water shield from West Lake is the best of the three. Because of its shape, West Lake water shield is called Maticao (grass like horse’s hooves), Shuilianye (leaves of lotus) in Chinese. It has always been one of China’s precious aquatic foods. Besides its refreshing taste, it’s really nutritious. Around its stems, sprouts and leaves, there is a white transparent substance which is abundant in colloid. It’s estimated that every 100 grams fresh water-shield contains about 900 milligrams protein, 230 milligram sugar, a lot of Vitamin Cand a trace of iron. 

West Lake Water Shield Soup is another of Hangzhou traditional food. It’s also called Chicken, Ham and Water Shield Soup because of the other ingredients – green water shield, red ham and white chicken. These ingredients together make this dish appealing to the eye. Glowing with colors West Lake Water Shield Soup tastes creamy and appetizing, more importantly it’s highly nutritious.

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