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Immortal Duck and Ham

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 15, 2018 L M S


Immortal duck and ham is one of the 36 Hangzhou famous dishes authorized by Zhejiang province in 1956. This dish is highly nutritious and claims to make people “immortal”, which of course is an exaggeration. It’s still named immortal duck and ham. As the name suggests, the main ingredients of the dish are duck and ham. Ducks used in the dish are the Mapo Ducks. The ham is no ordinary ham either. It's Jinhua Ham, the best ham in China, which was a crucial ingredient to many delicacies only intended for Chinese emperors in ancient times.

Immortal duck and ham can be prepared by stewing fresh duck and Jinhua Ham in a casserole over a slow fire for about two hours. In order to preserve the original flavor of the dish, the casserole must be sealed during the process of stewing. You can imagine how good the dish smells when the casserole is first opened. The tender and juicy duck and the salty flavor of Jinhuahamboth further enhance the dish. In addition, the fire-like Jinhuaham and the creamy white soup make this dish a pleasure both for eyes and taste bud.

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