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Hangzhou's Railways

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 15, 2018 L M S

Hangzhou Railway Station

Hangzhou Railway Station, located at Qingtai Gate in Hangzhou city, was founded in 1906 in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It went through three reconstructions and became operational in its present form in December, 1999. It is the departure station for trains of ordinary speed and for a few D-series high-speed trains that shuttle between Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou East Railway Station, located at Jianggan district, was founded in December, 2009 at the cost of 25 billion yuan ($3.96 billion) and was put into use in July, 2013.

Occupying some 1.13 million square meters, the station is a junction point for main-line railways between Shanghai-Kunming, Xuancheng-Hangzhou, and Xiaoshan-Ningbo, and for passenger-dedicated lines between Shanghai-Hangzhou, Nanjing-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ningbo and Hangzhou-Changsha.

One of the biggest railway stations in China, Hangzhou East Railway Station is also one of the biggest transportation hubs in Asia. Passengers can take subway Lines 1 or 4 to the station where they can transfer to trains, the subway, buses, interurban coaches, taxis, and airport shuttle buses.

Hangzhou South Railway Station

Hangzhou South Railway Station, located in Xiaoshan district, was originally built in 1931 and was closed for reconstruction in July, 2013. With an investment of 4.75 billion yuan ($753.89 million), the station is designed to be a comprehensive transportation hub integrating the modes of train, subway, bus and interurban coach and occupies some 296,978 square meters. The new station may become operational this June.

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