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Panasonic Appliances (China) Co., Ltd

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 27, 2018 L M S

As one of the main appliance factories in China, Panasonic Appliances (China) Co., Ltd is responsible for producing a wide range of home & living appliances, including electronic bidet toilets, electronic toilet seats, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers, all sold to various countries and regions including the Chinese mainland, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

Panasonic products enjoy a good reputation by virtue of their assured quality, high value added technology, green low-carbon environmental sensitivity, and convenient and amenable humanized design. 

In order to deal with the drastic changes of the Chinese markets and exert the overall strength of the Panasonic Group, the company has launched a new system suitable for the development of the home appliances industry in China. The new system should  strengthen the company’s integrated R&D operations, as well as its manufacturing and sales, thus accelerating the development of Panasonic’s appliances business in China. 

Panasonic Group takes “a company is a public entity of society” as its basic concept, and “A Better Life, A Better World” as its mission. Its action creed is “Devoting ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of human beings through our business activities, we enhance the quality of life throughout the world”, and it seeks to inherit a century’s wisdom and originality, remaining committed to creating an intelligent and better life for people around the globe. 

Business in China plays an important role in Panasonic Group’s future strategy and global development. The company will strive constantly to provide an aspirational life style, aiming to develop and produce new products that respond to Chinese requirements, offering Chinese families health and relaxation through advanced technology, pursing globalization and contributing to China’s growth and the life enrichment of its people.

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