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ZF Drivetech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 27, 2018 L M S

ZF Drivetech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technology Development Zone, is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise established by ZF Friedrichshafen AG in September, 2005. ZF is a worldwide automobile parts supplier, providing transmissions, steering components and chassis systems, among other parts., and maintains a leading position in drivelines, chassis and safety technology for cars.

With 230 branches in 40 countries, 20 R&D centers in eight countries, over 650 service outlets, and 136,820 employees worldwide, ZF achieved a turnover of 35.1 billion euros in 2016. As of the end of 2016, the company had two corporate headquarters, two engineering centers, 40 factories, three service entities and 17,000 employees in China. 

ZF Drivetech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of $15.52 million. The company consists of a Commercial Vehicle Technology Division (T Division) and an Industry Technology Division (I Division). T Division is responsible for the development, application and sales of transmissions for commercial vehicles, as well as assembling axles for them. I Division is responsible for the production of concrete mixer reduction boxes and forklift transmissions.       

By the end of 2017, it had achieved a sales volume of 1.1 billion yuan and a work force of 268 employees.

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