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Liangzhu civilization books to be published in multiple languages

By Wang Shuqing| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: August 28, 2019 L M S


Liangzhu Civilization Series. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The signing ceremony for the cooperative multilingual publishing of the Liangzhu Civilization Series took place at the 26th Beijing International Book Fair in Beijing on Thursday.

The Chinese version of the series, which explains the major aspects of Liangzhu culture, was officially published on July 7. At the ceremony, the series gained authorization to be translated and published in English, Russian, Kirghiz, Malay, Kazak and other languages.

Compiled by a group of scholars from the Zhejiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeological Research, these books, defined as popular science reading, introduce recent archaeological discoveries and studies of the Liangzhu Ancient City relics.

The publication marks the latest achievement in the project Application and Conversion of the Research Achievements of the World Heritage Application of Liangzhu Ancient City Relics, which was launched by the Zhejiang Cultural Heritage Administration.

Previously, the Zhejiang Library hosted a number of lectures on the series, inviting nine authors to introduce Liangzhu civilization to readers in terms of aspects such as jade, society and views on art.

In addition, an event themed Liangzhu Civilization Towards the World happened at Zhejiang University in early July, marking the beginning of exhibitions aiming to promote Liangzhu civilization among university students and faculty members.

"The publication of this series is an example of traditional Chinese culture going global," said Lu Dongming, president of Zhejiang University Press. "Chinese people, together with people from other countries, are striving to promote the prosperity of global culture."

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