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Hangzhou issues coupons to spur consumption

ehangzhou.gov.cn/| Updated: March 30, 2020 L M S

The Hangzhou government began offering 485 million yuan ($68.39 million) in consumption coupons to Hangzhou residents on March 26 and 15 million yuan in subsidies to people living on low incomes to boost the local economy as the novel coronavirus outbreak subsides. The coupons are valid from March 7 to May 31.

In order to attract more consumers, local shops are also offering 1.18 billion yuan in coupons.

All people living in Hangzhou are eligible to apply for the e-coupons, regardless of their status in the city. People living on low incomes can apply for the coupons in addition to receiving a 100-yuan subsidy.

Those interested in the coupons can log into Alipay and apply.

During this promotional campaign, those in need of help or counseling services can call Alipay's customer service hotline at 95188.

People can also call Hangzhou market regulation authorities at 12315 or visit http://www.12315.cn/ to file a complaint.

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