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Zhejiang aims to become global hub of advanced manufacturing

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 31, 2020 L M S

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Government leaders in Zhejiang are showed the province's latest manufacturing achievements in Hangzhou on March 16. [Photo/zjnews.zjol.com]

Governments at all levels should promote the development of manufacturing in Zhejiang and build the province into a global hub for advanced manufacturing, said Che Jun, Party chief of Zhejiang, at a conference in Hangzhou on March 16.

Che pointed out that Zhejiang developed a strong manufacturing industry very early on, and that building a global advanced manufacturing hub is essential if the province wants to become truly modernized.

Che expressed his hope that Zhejiang will become a nationally-leading and globally-competitive manufacturing province by 2025, and ultimately become a global hub of advanced manufacturing by 2035.

To achieve these goals, Che said Zhejiang should focus on developing digital technologies, making manufacturing more environmentally-friendly, attracting more foreign investment and strengthening administrative streamlining reforms. 

Che also stressed the importance of helping small and micro-sized companies by reducing taxes, fees and rent, boosting consumption and trade, and promoting innovation.

Provincial government leaders were shown the latest manufacturing achievements in Zhejiang before the conference.

Several outstanding local manufacturing companies were awarded at the conference, and 22 counties and districts signed agreements to build themselves into pilot areas for the development of manufacturing.

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