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Hangzhou recognizes cultural industrial parks and streets

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 8, 2020 L M S

The municipal government of Hangzhou -- capital of East China's Zhejiang province -- recently officially conferred the status of Hangzhou cultural industrial parks and cultural innovation streets on a new batch of city precincts, according to local officials.

Forty cultural industrial parks -- including Hangzhou Zhejiang Cultural Innovation Park, the Xixi Innovation Industrial Park and the China Zhejiang Films and Televisions Industrial Cooperation Park -- were included in the list of Hangzhou cultural industrial parks.

Twelve streets -- including the Fenghuangshan South Films and Televisions Culture Street, the Wuliuxiang History and Culture Street and Hangzhou New World Cultural Innovation Street -- were recognized as Hangzhou cultural innovation streets.

In 2019, the added value of the Hangzhou cultural industry hit 21.05 billion yuan ($2.98 billion), a year-on-year increase of nearly 13 percent, accounting for 13.7 percent of the city's GDP.

Officials said Hangzhou will continue improving its climate for industrial development, in particular with the cultural industry.

The list of Hangzhou cultural industrial parks and Hangzhou cultural innovation streets are as follows:

Hangzhou cultural industrial parks:

1. Hangzhou Zhejiang Cultural Innovation Park

2. Xixi Innovation Industrial Park

3. China Zhejiang Films and Televisions International Cooperation Zone

4. Xixi Yinzuo Cultural Industrial Park

5. Dongxin Hechuang Park

6. Xixi Legu Innovation Industrial Park

7. China Academy of Art Landscape Architecture Design Innovation Park

8. Hangzhou Intelligence Entrepreneurship Park

9. Great Beauty Innovation Park

10. Phoenix Yuyuan Art Base

11. Fengshan Shiyi Innovation Park

12. Hangzhou Jingwei Tiandi Innovation Industrial Park

13. Zhejiang Newspaper Ideal Culture Innovation Park

14. Hangzhou Creation Design Center

15. Juluo No 5 Innovation Industrial Park

16. Xinhelianchuang Digital Fashion Industrial Park

17. Oriental E-Commerce Park

18. Dongxi Debiyi Park

19. Yuangu Innovation Park

20. Silian No 166 Cultural Innovation Park

21. Lefu Zhihui Park

22. Heaven E-Town Innovation Industrial Park

23. White Horse Lake Ecological Innovation Park

24. Dianhun Digital Entertainment Industrial Park

25. Hangzhou Huaye High Technology Industrial Park

26. New Youth Entertainment Industrial Park

27. China Digital Music Valley

28. Qianjiang Century Intelligence Sci-Tech Park

29. Mengqi Town Design Center

30. Xixi Art Collection Village

31. Green Bank Cultural Industrial Park

32. Singapore Hangzhou Sci-Tech Park & Culture and Technology Combination Innovation Center

33. Zhejiang University of Media and Communications Culture and Innovation Industrial Park

34. Hangzhou Heda Innovation Design Park

35. Huamei Scientific Entrepreneurship Park

36. Cross-Straits Cultural Innovation Park at Elephant Belt and Road Cultural Creation Town

37. Zhejiang Changhua National Stone Culture City

38. Hangzhou Entrepreneurship Park for College Students (Lin’an)

39. Fenshui Dongxi Lake Cultural Creation Park

40. Jiande Yangxi Lake Cultural Creation Park

Hangzhou cultural innovation streets:

1. Fenghuangshan South Films and Televisions Culture Street

2. Wuliuxiang History and Culture Street

3. Hangzhou New World Cultural Innovation Street

4. Dadou Road Historical Street

5. Yishang Town Fashion, Culture and History Street

6. Chunjiang Huayueye Cultural Innovation Street

7. Qiandao Lake Xin’an Cultural Innovation Street

8. Fenkou Cultural Innovation Street

9. Shishe Manman Culture Street

10. Meicheng Ancient Street

11. West Lake Water Street at Shouchang Ancient Town

12. Qiandao Lake Qilongxiang Cultural Innovation Street

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