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Expats express best wishes for Hangzhou

Hangzhou Feel| Updated: April 8, 2020 L M S


Hello guys! I have recently noticed how much people all over the world are mis-informed about Chinese food and the Chinese cuisine. It was very disturbing to me seeing some people stereotyping Chinese food and Chinese behaviors as uninteresting, especially after living here for 4 years.

I decided to do a short video sharing with you my experiences in China to spread awareness by posting the photos of food I ate during my stay that I kept on my phone gallery.--Nazly (Egypt)

Some positive points of quarantining in the last 5-6 weeks are having lots of time to cook and spending quality time at home with my family.

--Ben (UK)

Congratulations to all Chinese people for winning a great battle against COVID-19 and great condolences to them who have faced losses of lives during this special time. To fight against the corona virus when it was a great need, Bangladesh sent emergency medical supplies to China, and in the same way when Bangladesh needed the help China sent medical supplies with a message "同舟共济,守望相助". I'm grateful and proud. Love you Chinese friends!

--Sheikh Azizur Rahman (Bangladesh)

We are living in a challenging time around the globe. It's crucial we draw upon humanity and support each other. These events will be etched in future history books, so our positive actions today will leave a lasting impact on how future generations will react. My message to Hangzhou is "Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today.

--Ali ( new Hangzhou ren ) (UK)

After waiting too long for opening school, early waking up and back to the normal life, we finally started our online classes. I have never felt happier to see my classmates and teachers online after what we all have been through. The first day and first class maybe be one of the most unforgettable memories for all of us. I wish to meet all of my friends and teachers in the classroom again.

--Kinda (Iran)



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