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Hangzhou opens multilingual hotline to help expats amid outbreak

WeChat account: HangzhouFAO| Updated: April 23, 2020 L M S

为进一步畅通入境疫情防控工作中外籍人员的信息获取渠道,解决语言沟通问题,我市开通了96020 多语咨询和翻译服务平台,面向入境外籍人士提供疫情期间防控信息咨询和即时翻译服务,目前设英语、日语、韩语、意大利语4 个语种,提供 24 小时不间断的咨询和翻译服务。

浙江省内,请拨打96020(英语请拨 1,日语请拨 2,韩语请拨 3, 意大利语请拨 4);国外,请拨打0086-571-96020

In order to provide foreign friends in Hangzhou with more convenient access to information during the period of COVID-19 epidemic prevention, the City of Hangzhou has opened a 24-hour multilingual hotline 96020 which runs service of information consultation and instant translation in English, Japanese, Korean and Italian.

When in Zhejiang province, please dial 96020 (Please dial 1 for English, 2 for Japanese, 3 for Korean and 4 for Italian); Please dial 0086-571-96020 when you are outside of China.

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