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Hangzhou Eye episode 11: Wushan night market and Xixi flower baskets

Hangzhou publicity bureau and Hangzhou Culture Radio & Television Group| Updated: July 29, 2020 L M S

The blocks around Huixing Road and Renhe Road see a lot of traffic in the daytime, no different to the hustle and bustle in other places in Hangzhou. But when night falls, the streets take on an entirely different look as vendors from all corners of the city spring up like mushrooms and bring life to the area with the renowned Wushan night market.

Move on to the western corner of Hangzhou, where you'll find Xixi, a national wetland park. People here in Xixi are good at weaving flower baskets, an artifact with a history of over 150 years that was once regarded as a must-buy souvenir in Hangzhou.

Catch up and don't miss your chance! You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Wushan night market, or try your hand at making a distinctive flower basket in Xixi.

Starting on June 17, a brand new bilingual program entitled Hangzhou Eye will offer the world new insights into Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province.

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