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Innovative, dynamic Hangzhou impresses Kazakhstani TV host

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: September 4, 2020 L M S

[Video provided to ehangzhou.gov.cn]

The Russian version of the Hangzhou episode of Ni Hao, Kazakhstan, a documentary TV show jointly filmed by China and its neighboring country Kazakhstan, was recently aired on a commercial TV channel in Kazakhstan, local media reported.

With a popular Kazakhstani TV host as the guide, the show presented viewers with immersive trips across Hangzhou and explored historical, cultural and innovative aspects of the eastern Chinese city to the world.

The host was enchanted by the beautiful landscapes at West Lake and impressed by how technology has made life in the city so much more convenient. He checked in to his hotel by merely having his face scanned in the lobby, enjoyed room service from robot butlers, and used mobile payment to buy as many souvenirs as he wanted.

He also made a visit to Viya, a 35-year-old online celebrity, and explored the story of how she ascended to the top of the Chinese e-commerce livestreaming industry. He even spent a day working as a deliveryman to get first-hand experiences of how many packages there were piled up like mountains during the Double Eleven Shopping Festival.

The host was impressed by Hangzhou's advanced development and said he hoped to bring the city's experiences to his country. He said he also hoped the Belt and Road Initiative would benefit more people from the two countries.

The show has Chinese and Russian editions and will soon be available to English-speaking viewers.

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