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The Road to Hangzhou 2022 episode 10: Technology makes the Games safe and efficient

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 9, 2021 L M S

As preparations for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games are steadily progressing, smart technology is playing its role to help the event with safer and more efficient services.

The first theme livery aircraft of the Games, which took off in June 2020, has become a distinctive calling card to promote the event and has for the first time combined Asian Games elements with air passenger services.

Loong Air, the event's official prestige airline passenger services provider, is the one standing behind this innovative move. It is taking every possible step to ensure safe and efficient airline passenger services.

DBAPP Security, the event's official cybersecurity service provider, has also created a novel cybersecurity scenario protection system. It allows a full stack of services to penetrate into every detail of cybersecurity, which can respond to emergencies in seconds, as well as customize cybersecurity package services based on scenarios including cloud computing, big data, and the internet of things.

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