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Yuhang district a fertile land for domestic, overseas talent

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 15, 2021 L M S


The e-commerce giant Alibaba is located in Yuhang district, Hangzhou. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

Yuhang district's emphasis on a talent-oriented culture has made it an increasingly popular destination for professionals over the years, local media outlets reported.

On March 12, the district held an award ceremony to honor excellent talent and companies that treasure and value talent. The talents who received awards come from various sectors, including economy, education, culture, medical treatment, and agriculture. The four award ceremonies have since their inception in 2009 honored 68 talents and 40 companies.

Ma Hanjie, an award winner and the founder and director of Codvision, an innovative start-up company, said Yuhang has helped him solve many talent-related issues.

"Yuhang district helped us bring in talent who are innovative, keen to learn new things, and can adapt quickly," Ma said.

This assistance that Ma's company received falls under the 10 new policies that were into operation by Yuhang's human resources service departments in 2020. The policies cover 10 areas such as business registration, financial support, and talent procurement.

Statistics show that Yuhang awarded local companies and talent agencies a total of 226.2 million yuan ($34.77 million) for introducing 16,000 talent during the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. Insurance coupons worth 730,000 yuan in total were awarded to 367 high-end talents during the same period. It also offered employment and traffic allowances of 5.49 million yuan to 11,200 college graduates.

In addition, Yuhang has hired five senior HR professionals to facilitate the sharing of talent resources with renowned universities and research institutes such as Zhejiang University and Liangzhu Laboratory.

Yuhang is now home to 450,000 professionals and over 5,800 of them are high-end professionals from overseas.

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