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Closeup: G20, a bridge and more

Xinhua| Updated: November 19, 2021 L M S

In Chinese culture, a bridge is endowed with rich connotations, like connection and cooperation. In 2016, China used the arch image in the logo of the Group of 20 (G20) Hangzhou Summit to show its vision towards the multilateral platform.

Welcoming world leaders to the event that year, Chinese President Xi Jinping likened the G20 to a bridge of friendship and cooperation. He said that the G20 platform has brought the member nations closer to help enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation for win-win outcomes.

Xi noted that as long as the G20 members support each other through thick and thin, they will be able to overcome the rough waves of the world economy and embark on a brand new voyage for future growth.

While the Chinese president also used other symbols and analogies to describe the role of G20, what the bridge stands for is more relevant when a pandemic of this scale is gripping the world.

Addressing the G20 Riyadh Summit via video link last year, Xi called for building a "global firewall" against COVID-19 and pledged to make vaccines a global public good that is accessible and affordable to people around the world.

The G20 summit this year is slated for Saturday and Sunday, and the Chinese president will attend the event via video link.

The global economy and public health is expected to be a key focus during this year's event. The world will keep a close watch on what consensus this group of the world's 20 major economies and emerging markets will build to fight the pandemic and help sustain the global economy.

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