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China Town of Computing Power

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: January 4, 2022 L M S


The China Town of Computing Power. [Photo/CFP]

The China Town of Computing Power, which is located in Linping district, Hangzhou, began operating on Dec 28, 2021.

Focusing on rising industries such as artificial intelligence, chips, digital economy, big data, and quantum information, the town aims to build itself into a hub for leading computing power research institutes, industrial entities, forums, professionals, and funds.

Eleven projects, including a digital industrial park for businesspeople from Zhejiang province and a science and innovation industrial complex, will start construction in the near future and are expected to generate 500 million yuan ($78.55 million) in annual tax revenue for computing power and related services by 2023.

Over 60 projects, including Unicomsemi, Star Vision, and Ecool have started operating in the town, and nearly 200 projects will begin operating soon.

By 2023, the town is expected to attract 200 new enterprises and 3,500 high-caliber professionals and create 20,000 new jobs in life supporting sectors such as catering and leisure and public service industries such as education, medical, cultural and sports.


A bird's-eye view of the China Town of Computing Power. [Photo/CFP]

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