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Fuyang Dazhu Garden

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 1, 2022 L M S

Editor's Note: The Hangzhou culture, radio, film and tourism bureau has unveiled a list of 50 experience centers that most bring out the essence of the 19th Asian Games and the unique charm of Hangzhou. The centers focus on history and culture, digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, intangible cultural heritage, sports and health.

Fuyang Dazhu Garden


Teenagers try their hands at traditional paper making techniques at the handmade paper museum of Fuyang Dazhu Garden in Fuyang district, Hangzhou. [Photo provided to ehangzhou.gov.cn]

The handmade paper museum of Fuyang Dazhu Garden, which was set up by Hangzhou Fuyang Dazhuyuana Bamboo Paper Co Ltd in Fuyang district, Hangzhou, allows visitors to try four types of traditional Chinese stationery - - bamboo paper, ink brush, ink and movable-type calligraphy. 

Visitors can also learn about the traditional means of making paper.

Hangzhou Fuyang Dazhuyuan Bamboo Paper Co Ltd was one of Hangzhou's first batch of intangible cultural heritage demonstration sites.

Address: Yuanshu Paper Base, Xin'er village, Huyuan town, Fuyang district

Telephone: +86 13868153720

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