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A brief introduction of judo, jujitsu and kurash

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 28, 2022 L M S


Athletes compete at the Exciting Hangzhou 2022 National Jujitsu Championships in Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou on April 27. [Photo/Xiaoshan Daily]

With the Exciting Hangzhou 2022 National Jujitsu Championships taking place at the Xiaoshan Linpu Gymnasium, people's interest in judo, jujitsu and kurash and their differences are growing. Here's a brief introduction to the sports.

Judo is a competitive sport that evolved from ancient Japanese fighting martial arts. According to Asian Games rules, competitors who successfully throw their opponents to the mat achieve a "full-point" victory.  If both players fall to the ground, they have 30 seconds to perform groundwork or the referee will step in and ask them to stand up again.

Jujitsu, or more specifically Brazilian jujitsu, has greater emphasis on using groundwork to subdue opponents. During competition, athletes score points by executing technical movements such as locking and wringing.

Compared to jujitsu, judo typically has stricter material and size requirements for attire.

Kurash, which means grappling or wrestling, is a traditional Uzbek wrestling sport popular in Central Asia. Only standing techniques are allowed. The movements of kurash are clean and focus on one move to control the opponent.


The Xiaoshan Linpu Gymnasium. [Photo/Xiaoshan Daily]

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