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Asian Games venues benefit Hangzhou residents

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 23, 2022 L M S


Hangzhou residents take part in a sports competition. [Photo/WeChat account: hzsports]

In light of the postponement of the 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou, the host city, recently rolled out 10 measures to help locals enjoy the benefits brought about by the professional sporting venues.

The 56 competition venues and 31 training venues of the Games opened to the public for free or at reasonable prices on July 1, and the hours of the venueswere adjusted to meet the needs of local residents.

A digital platform called Asian Games Venues Online was also released to provide local residents with integrated venue visiting or booking services.

The venues will also host sports competitions of various kinds and at different levels and carry out targeted training for professionals and amateurs.

Experiential activities will also be held by the venues for local residents such as students, enterprise employees, and social organization members.

Sports departments at the city, district, county, and county-level city levels are also encouraged to issue coupons to encourage locals to exercise.

In addition, Hangzhou is actively promoting the construction of a "10-minute exercise circle", which means local residents can access free public sporting facilities within a 10 minute walk.

Statistics show that in 2022, Hangzhou has built seven sports parks and 268 sports fields with a total area of 456,000 square meters.


A basketball court is built inside a residential community in Hangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: hzsports]

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