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Highlights of the Report on the Work of Hangzhou People's Government 2023

Hangzhou Foreign Affairs Office| Updated: February 23, 2023 L M S

A review of our work in 2022

The city's GDP registered RMB 1,875.3 billion yuan, up by 1.5%.

General public budget revenue reached RMB 245.1 billion yuan, up by 2.7%.

The per capita disposable annual income of urban and rural residents was RMB 77,043 yuan and 45,183 yuan, up by 3.1% and 5.8% respectively, and the ratio of urban residents' income to that of rural residents was reduced to 1.71.

Hangzhou won the title of “China's Happiest City” for 16 consecutive years.

Three new breakthroughs

1. New breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation

The first national laboratory was launched, and Hangzhou ranked to the record 14th place in the Global Innovation Index.

2. New breakthrough in urban construction

All 56 competition venues and 31 training venues for Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Paralympic Games were completed with final acceptance. The total length of urban rail transit reached 516 kilometers, ranking sixth in China. The urban expressways were fully networked with a total of 480 kilometers open to traffic.

3. New breakthrough in reform and opening-up

The industrial landscape with coordinated development in both the east and west has taken shape. The export crossed the 500-billion-yuan mark for the first time, reaching RMB 514.1 billion yuan, and accounting for 2.15% of China's total.

Eight major achievements

1. We defeated the pandemic and minimized its impact on economic and social development.

2. While maintaining stability and growth, we achieved better performance in the economy, laying a solid foundation for high-quality development.

3. We built our self-reliance and strength in science and technology, and injected more momentum for innovation-driven development.

4.We carried out crucial tasks in the reform and created more internal driving force.

5.We prepared for the Asian Games, and kept upgrading the capacity of urban development.

6.We improved the city's soft power, and burnished its credentials as a famous city of historical and cultural value.

7.We accelerated green and low-carbon transition and made our city as beautiful as the scenes in the famous painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains.

8.We improved the people's well-being and worked for a better life for all the people.

Main Targets and Tasks for 2023

To realize a GDP growth of above 5%, and ensure that general public budget revenue is in step with economic growth.

To ensure that the per capita disposable annual income of urban and rural residents grows faster than the economy, and per capita disposable income of rural residents grows faster than that of the urban residents by one percentage point.

To keep the increase of consumer price index and urban surveyed unemployment rate within 3% and 5% respectively.

To complete energy and environment targets set by the central and provincial governments.

Nine priorities

1. To maintain steady growth, enhance quality and ensure economic recovery.

2. To support the real economy and modernize the industrial system.

3. To promote innovation-driven development and develop a comprehensive national science center.

4. To facilitate the healthy development of the non-public sector and those working in it, and scale new heights in developing private economy in the new era.

5. To advance cultural undertakings and strive to become a model city in public civility.

6. To take the opportunity of hosting the Asian Games and upgrade the capacity and opening-up of Hangzhou.

7. To pursue green development and make every effort to build a beautiful Hangzhou in all respects.

8. To strive for common prosperity and improve people's sense of fulfilment, happiness and security.

9. To reduce risks, improve public security and modernize social governance.

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