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Two Sessions Lookout: Cross-border businesses confident for 2023

China Daily| Updated: March 1, 2023 L M S

"The cargo quantity after the Spring Festival compared with the end of last year has grown by 30 percent," Cong Zheming said in a buoyant voice, seeing bags of packages on a conveyor belt to the overseas market.

Cong is manager of Yanwen Express, a provider of cross-border delivery services. He felt the impact of the epidemic on his industry over the past three years, but the pandemic also brought business opportunities in some categories, like home and outdoor products. "In the process of trying to help (business partners) overcome all kinds of difficulties, I think we've gradually realized our mission."

Cong is also founder of iYoowe, a platform providing methods for Made-in-China to go abroad.

Seeing a very good start in business this year after China lifted its travel ban, Cong expressed huge confidence for 2023. Click the video to find out more about Cong's story of going global.

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