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Sound of the past, note for the future

By Wang Ru| China Daily| Updated: May 24, 2023 L M S


Shen (right) judges a woman's xiao skills during a grading test in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, last year. [Photo/China Daily]

Tao Xiaohong, who used to be a student of Shen, and now works as secretary-general of the Qiantang Xiao Society, says: "Shen has carried out deep research on the xiao, especially on how to show features of this old instrument in music performances. He is conscientious and unreserved in teaching, and has continued to improve it.

"It's a pity the xiao is still not as popular as we imagine now. In fact, it can produce brilliant music and touch people deeply. I agree with Shen's ideas on the xiao and would like to join his society to help him promote this instrument," she adds.

Recalling his past years, Shen says, "At first, the xiao was just my hobby. Walking through all the difficulties, it gradually became my profession, my cause, and now, it's my mission to spread it."

Ma Zhenhuan in Hangzhou contributed to this story.

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