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Student startups set to surge as 'digital natives' drive innovation

By Zou Shuo| China Daily| Updated: May 25, 2023 L M S


Wang Zhenyang explains a "digital human" app developed by his team on the stage of an internet, innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Chongqing last month. [Photo provided to China Daily]

From less than 30 square meters of dormitory and a three-man team, the company now has more than 150 employees and occupies more than 2,000 sq m.

"As an engineering major, there's nothing more fulfilling than creating something practical and seeing people bring their wildest ideas to life with my product. It's the perfect fusion of usefulness and creativity," Chen said.

As a postgraduate student, he works in the company's office from 8 am to 5 pm, then catches up on his studies until midnight. He travels between Huzhou (his company) and Hangzhou (his university) almost every day.

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