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51 Hangzhou restaurants earn Michelin recognition

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 20, 2023 L M S


The Michelin Guide releases a list of 51 restaurants in Hangzhou on May 30. [Photo/cztv.com]

Eating Michelin-recommended foods can now become part of your daily routine.

On May 30, the Michelin Guide released a list of of 51 selected restaurants in Hangzhou.

Among them, six have been awarded One Michelin Star for their exceptional cuisine, and twelve have received a Bib Gourmand for their excellent price-to-quality ratio. Additionally, two service professionals have received the Michelin Sommelier Award and the Michelin Service Award.

The Michelin Guide, published by the renowned French tire company Michelin since 1900, comprises a collection of guidebooks that bestow up to three coveted Michelin stars upon only a handful of exceptional establishments.

The Michelin Guide praised Hangzhou as a city "with a unique charm, long history, and rich heritage," where the fusion of tradition and modernity has helped shape its culinary culture. Local delicacies offer authentic flavors, while ingredients from surrounding provinces inspire new approaches to culinary creations.

Six establishments were awarded One Michelin Star in the first edition of the Michelin Guide for Hangzhou: Ambré Ciel (珀), Guiyu (桂语山房), Jie Xiang Lou (解香楼), Jin Sha (金沙厅), Longjing Manor (龙井草堂), and Xin Rong Ji (新荣记).


A dish offered at Jin Sha, a One Michelin Star restaurant. [Photo/cztv.com]

In addition to high-end fine dining establishments, the Michelin Guide recognizes restaurants that serve outstanding food at reasonable prices, which is referred to as the Bib Gourmand designation.

Out of the 12 restaurants bestowed with this honor, the majority specialize in Hangzhou cuisine and noodles. These unassuming eateries offer authentic, delectable dishes on a budget, which include Bao Zhong Bao Shi Fu (宝中宝食府), Fu Yuan Ju (Shangcheng) (福缘居上城), King's Choice (金仲帮), and Xiao Dian Huang (笑典皇).

Vegetarian food at Qing Chun Perma (庆春朴门) and Zhi Zhu (Xihu) (知竹西湖), are also on the list. Traditional snacks are also available at Xiao Lao Hun Tun (小劳馄饨) and Hui Xin Xiao Chi Dian (蕙心小吃店).

As Hangzhou locals have always had a fondness for noodles, four noodles restaurants are listed: Fang Lao Da (方老大), Fu Xing Mian Wang (复兴面王), Rong Xian Mian Guan (Qianjiang Road) (荣鲜面馆〈钱江路〉) and Wu Zi Mian Guan (伍子面馆).

Apart from the restaurants that received Michelin stars and Bib Gourmand awards, the inaugural Hangzhou Michelin Guide features 33 top-notch restaurants that highlight 10 unique cooking styles, showcasing the city's flourishing culinary scene. These esteemed eateries safeguard the distinct flavor profiles of both Hangzhou and Zhejiang cuisine.

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