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Embrace community on Dragon Boat Festival

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 30, 2023 L M S


Foreigners try their hands at making zongzi, or glutinous rice dumplings. [Photo/hangzhou.com.cn]

Did you have the opportunity to cook glutinous rice dumplings or participate in an exciting dragon boat race to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival? Qianyun community in Hangzhou's Shangcheng district has devised an exciting solution to help international residents integrate into the local community on this festive day.

On June 18, the second International Family Carnival took place in the community and welcomed residents from all over the city. It served as a pre-celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Hangzhou Asian Games, fostering unity and a sense of belonging among locals and foreigners.

Participants engaged in activities that showcased traditional Chinese culture, such as a competition to wrap glutinous rice dumplings usually made to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, sachet making, dough and sugar figurine creation, fan painting, and even learning how to use a Chinese letterpress. In anticipation of the Asian Games, the carnival also featured fun sports events like land dragon boat racing, pot throwing, archery, table tennis competitions, frisbee throwing, hole-in-one golf contests, and Asian Games knowledge quizzes.

Amidst the joyful atmosphere, children ran happily from one booth to another, holding sugar figurines and fans they painted, while their parents tried to keep up with them. The air was filled with children's laughter and the sound of live music performed by Chinese and international bands on the stage. The gloomy afternoon was transformed into a warm and carefree experience. Among the families enjoying the carnival were Kseniia Lepilina from Ukraine and her family.


Mascots of the Hangzhou Asian Games join the carnival. [Photo/hangzhou.com.cn]

"This event is very interesting! It's a great opportunity for our children to interact with Chinese kids," Kseniia gently pointed to her brother, "This is our first time celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, and we are truly happy to learn about Chinese culture in this way."

Qianyun community, known for its cultural diversity and international residents, is home to prominent establishments such as FAW Audi, Basis International School Hangzhou, and Hangzhou Qianjiang Foreign Language Experimental School. Over 700 international residents are living or working there.

Simone Neumeier from Germany, who recently arrived in Hangzhou to work at FAW Audi, was excited to experience the Dragon Boat Festival. "As a foreigner, it's easy to start here. The people in Hangzhou are friendly, and the city is full of life."

Patrick Fejtek, a Deputy General Manager of FAW Audi from Czech Republic, expressed his excitement for the upcoming Asian Games, highlighting the city's opportunity to increase its international clout. He also expressed delight that some of his favorite sports, such as beach volleyball and mountain biking, will be part of the Games.

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