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Iconic ballet set to return

By Chen Nan| China Daily Global| Updated: July 3, 2023 L M S


A scene from The Legend of the White Snake. CHINA DAILY

White Snake romance classic will thrill audiences anew, Chen Nan reports.

With a four-decade-long career as a ballet dancer, Zou Gang, who danced with top ballet companies, including the Liaoning Ballet and the National Ballet of China, has a dream of adapting for ballet the well-known folk tale, The Legend of the White Snake.

The tale has been adapted many times in various forms.

Longing for human life, its protagonist, Bai Suzhen, who is a white snake turning into a beautiful woman, and her romance with her husband Xu Xian, a respected doctor, has been inspiration for generations of artists.

Now, as the head and artistic director of the Guangzhou Ballet, Zou is about to fulfill the dream.

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