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The fabric of Chinese culture

By Xu Haoyu| China Daily| Updated: July 25, 2023 L M S


Zhou Shuangxi, a national-level inheritor of yunjin craftsmanship. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"We have built a special loom that enables hangluo to be introduced into schools. Children can get hands-on experience with weaving. This approach significantly strengthens their understanding of the technique in a more intuitive way."

Continuous innovation, including enriching the colors of the fabric, has been effective in helping to evolve hangluo in recent times.

Zhang says: "Switching from the original monochrome to a variety of color styles, hangluo has broadened its appeal. Recently, we have also been trying new things in terms of improvements to the technique. We hope to adapt to the different functional requirements for modern clothing, such as sun protection and wrinkle resistance, by changing the structure of the fibers."

What's more, in order to change the impression that hangluo is a luxury beyond the reach for many, Zhang plans to introduce it into ordinary households through brand building, communication and product development.

"We will cooperate with companies from different fields and use modern media communication methods to enable everyone to see the charm of hangluo," Zhang says.

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