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Animation launched for upcoming Asian Games

By Ma Zhenhuan| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: August 8, 2023 L M S

The Hangzhou Asian Games launched its Asian Games, Hangzhou Charms campaign on Friday, to mark 50 days until the opening ceremony on Sept 23.

The campaign is a trilogy of short films that provide unique views of Hangzhou from the perspective of sports, urban living and legacy.

The first short film, Asian Games SHOW Hangzhou, is a stop-motion animation produced on Hangzhou silk. As a quintessential cultural element of the city, silk was a gift presented to heads of state at the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit to symbolize cultural exchanges, modernity and fashion.

The short film — produced by individual frames embroidered on a thousand individual pieces of Hangzhou silk, each with exquisite patterns, designs and colors — creates an illusion of movement between each frame. It tells the story of Hangzhou's sports heritage through a journey of traditional and emerging sports and culture, from diving and sailing to break dancing and esports.

The second film in the trilogy, Asian Games GO Hangzhou, will show the comprehensive infrastructure upgrades within the city and how technology provides a smart experience for fans.

The film utilizes the concept of a cellphone screen to highlight the natural beauty of Hangzhou and establish it as a smart city.

The third and final film in the trilogy, Asian Games IN Hangzhou uses traditional Chinese stamp art, to display the brand and legacy of the Games.

Video provided to chinadaily.com.cn

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