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Logistics giant adds 110 new energy vehicles to empower green Asian Games

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 9, 2023 L M S


The newly-introduced new energy trucks. [Photo/hangzhou2022.cn]

YTO Express recently introduced 110 new energy box-type delivery trucks, setting the stage for smooth logistical operations as the highly anticipated Asian Games draw near.

The newly-introduced fleet of trucks will navigate between official ports, logistics hubs, competition venues, and the Asian Games Village. Their mission encompasses a wide range of tasks, including distribution, delivery, and collection of items.

The trucks, with a maximum load capacity of 1.4 metric tons, boast a single-charge range of over 270 kilometers, ensuring the smooth transportation of competition equipment, electronic devices, apparel, and everyday essentials.

Moreover, a conservative estimate of 200 kilometers of daily cargo indicates that over the course of nearly two months to the conclusion of the Games, the vehicles will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 1,500 tons.

YTO Express has also equipped each vehicle with advanced security monitoring devices and an intelligent vehicle system. Multiple surveillance cameras cover the front of the vehicle, the driver's cabin, and the interior cargo space, while the intelligent vehicle system will provide real-time feedback on vehicle location and speed to the Asian Games logistical system.

Since the inception of the logistics center earlier this year, YTO Express has completed over 180 trips in support of the event. As the countdown to the opening ceremony continues, YTO aims to introduce nearly 200 dedicated Asian Games logistics vehicles, ensuring a seamless and "zero-delay" logistical experience throughout the event.


A YTO truck passes the "Big Lotus", the venue for the opening ceremony of the event. [Photo/hangzhou2022.cn]

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