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Writer makes tough subject comically easy to grasp

By XU LIN| China Daily| Updated: August 28, 2023 L M S


[Photo provided to China Daily]

For each topic, he doesn't introduce the main concepts at first, but starts by telling a story, in which a particular phenomenon is explained by a specific concept.

He's incorporated these concepts into different scenarios. Sometimes, when these scenarios extend beyond his area of expertise, he has to seek help from other experts to check whether there are inaccuracies in his descriptions.

Liu Cixin, author of sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem, endorsed the publication, noting that "much of my sci-fi inspiration comes from physics, and a significant driving force behind the advancement of civilization also stems from physics... The book series successfully achieves the goal of bringing children closer to science and planting the seeds of curiosity for science in their minds".

Speaking about the current science books designed for children, Li believes that there's an increase in content addressing cutting-edge concepts, including artificial intelligence.

"Still, it takes time to cultivate the market of science popularization, and train more professionals. It's essential to encourage more sharing of experiences," he says.

"It's necessary to have children exposed to science at an early age, so that they will be unconsciously influenced to improve themselves by learning more about science. Also, in modern society, it's essential to have a grasp of science to live a more fulfilling life."

The central authorities recently issued an action plan for deepening the reform of the basic education curriculum, calling for the strengthening of teaching in science subjects and promoting science education nationwide.

According to Li, the crux of science popularization lies in first establishing a strong foundation in academic education. The authorities have been promoting science education, and for those who create science reading materials for children, good-quality content and brand building is imperative.

The advanced edition of Big Bang in Physics comics will be released soon, corresponding to the content of the eighth-grade physics textbook for the second semester. It will cover more complex physics knowledge.

Li also plans to publish similar science comics about chemistry and mathematics in the future.

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