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Share Hangzhou's stamp collecting zeal amid Asian Games fever

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: September 1, 2023 L M S

Hangzhou, rich in heritage and culture, has seen a revival of an old custom—stamp collecting, but with a contemporary update.

According to stamp collectors, considering the additional values brought by Asian Games and the recent specialty stamps used at various tourist spots, there are around 400 stamps with different patterns in the Hangzhou scenic spots, waiting to be discovered by visitors. Join in the collecting tour, and let Hangzhou leave its indelible mark on your memories.


Leifeng Pagoda's Five Blessings Stamp. [Photo/hangzhoufeel]

The magic of Leifeng Pagoda's Five Blessings Stamp

The illustrious Leifeng Pagoda, an emblem of Hangzhou's historical relics, recently introduced a ravishing five-layered color stamp, or an artwork, to be precise.

The meticulous details capture even the fine scales on the Green Snake, one of the protagonists in the Pagoda's famed Legend of the White Snake. Each stamp on the postcard beautifully depicts blessings, prosperity, longevity, happiness, and wealth. For those chasing the perfect backdrop for their stamped treasures, the panoramic view from atop the pagoda overlooking the West Lake is no less captivating.

Celebrate Asian Games with unique stamps

With Hangzhou Asian Games around the corner, the stamp collecting custom is intertwined with the athletic spirit of the event. Venues across the city have launched special designs to mark this grand occasion.

The "Asian Games Sound Wave Postcard" at China Post is particularly noteworthy, and the massive collection of 61 sports commemorative stamps at Yuhang District Affairs Service Center has turned heads. Not to be left behind is the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, which has its trio of exclusive stamps, ensuring fans and tourists to carry a piece of the Games with them.

Touristic stamps: more than just symbols

Hangzhou's legacies are not confined to pagodas or sports. Its rich tapestry of history, art, and culture offers an expansive array of stamping experiences. Institutions like the Finance & Taxation Museum near Hefang Street or the poetic ambience of China Umbrella Museum by the Canal are prime examples. Spiritual seekers stamping their journey would find solace in serene spots like Lingyin Temple and Yongfu Temple. Stamps with touristic features could be found in various spots including the ones mentioned above.


Asian Games themed stamps. [Photo/hangzhoufeel]

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