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What can we expect from the comeback of chess at Hangzhou Asian Games?

CGTN| Updated: September 15, 2023 L M S

"The quietest competition" chess is coming back to Hangzhou Asian Games after 13 years. What can we expect? International Chess Federation President Arkady Dvorkovich assures that with top players, the competitions will be very competitive and exciting for spectators.

Liu Xin: This will be the first time in 13 years, the international chess or chess is in the games as well. What can we expect? As for instance, the number of teams that are competing. What kind of games and how fierce will the competition be during this year's Asian Games?

Arkady Dvorkovich: The Asian Games will combine all the chess formats, from classical, to rapid and blitz chess. Both individual and team medals will be awarded. All countries are sending their best players, best teams to the event. And that means that it's going to be very competitive and very exciting for spectators all across Asia and even outside of Asia.

Liu Xin: How do you evaluate the popularity of this game and growth of this game in China in recent decades?

Arkady Dvorkovich: First of all, certainly the Chinese version of chess is more popular in China than international chess. We acknowledge that and know that it's based on a long, long tradition. But we can see that international chess is also growing. New schools, new clubs are being created. New educational programs are being developed by provinces, by cities. And that involves more and more kids. Of course, at a higher level, there are special schools, special programs that help to raise a new generation of professional chess players. And I hope that we will have more international events in China as well so that people will come and see.

Liu Xin: What would be the mistake not to make?

Arkady Dvorkovich: It's okay to make mistake. It's okay even to lose the game since the next day you will win. So just don't be disappointed. Have fun. And in this case, you will enjoy chess for the rest of your life.

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