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Faces of the Games| Volunteers soak up Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere at Hangzhou Asiad

Xinhua| Updated: September 29, 2023 L M S

As the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Friday, volunteers have decorated the bulletin boards in the venues to soak up the atmosphere and send their best wishes to athletes.

Mascots for the Asian Games, Congcong, Lianlian, and Chenchen, are busy crafting a mooncake as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. This heartwarming scene was captured in a painting displayed on the bulletin board of the 3x3 basketball venue at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Since the festival fell on a Friday, journalists and staff working at the Deqing Geographic Information Town Basketball Court experienced a sneak peek of the Mid-Autumn Festival ambiance.

"At first, we merely posted some essential information on the board, but over time, we decided to embellish it with paintings to add an intriguing touch," explained Yu Enxi, who collaborated with her teammates in the artistic endeavor.

She further expressed, "We aspire to offer our international media friends the opportunity to relish the festival and gain deeper insights into Chinese culture."

For Yu, a college student at Zhejiang University of Technology, showcasing her painting skills at the Asiad was a delightful experience.

"My mother hails from Deqing, so I take great pride in being a volunteer here while shouldering a sense of responsibility," Yu emphasized.

The volunteers dedicated an entire day to create a painting for China's women's 3x3 basketball team, extending warm wishes for a "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" and success in the tournament.

"I was quite anxious until I heard that the Chinese players truly appreciated it," Yu recalled.

Wan Jiyuan, a player of the Chinese women's 3x3 basketball team, shared, "As soon as we entered the rest area, we were greeted by the painting. The volunteers executed an outstanding job. They portrayed our likenesses vividly, which touched our hearts and made us feel right at home."

Wang Liyao, the head of the venue's operation team, introduced, "We currently have 307 volunteers at the 3x3 basketball venue, with each of them dedicating approximately 6 hours daily. Their enthusiasm is unwavering."

In accordance with tradition, Chinese families gather to bask in the full moon's glow and savor mooncakes to commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival. At present, bulletin boards across the media village, Main Media Center, and various other venues have been adorned with festive motifs.

Stroke by stroke, young artists like Yu are contributing to a vibrant chapter in the narrative of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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