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Cultural Showcase| Porcelain dolls of mascots inspired by Hangzhou's cultural heritage

By Xu Haoyu| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 11, 2023 L M S


Three porcelain dolls of the mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Three porcelain dolls of the mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games recently drew a big crowd of fans at the Main Media Center service desk of the games.

According to the designer Zhou Chunli, the Hangzhou Asian Games mascots are designed based on Hangzhou's three major world cultural heritage sites: Liangzhu civilization, West Lake and the Grand Canal.

The Space Porcelain Dolls make use of the smooth jade-like qualities of porcelain to highlight the mascot's head features, making the overall ornament full of fun and modernity. At the same time, the three main colors of Longquan celadon perfectly express the different features of the mascots and the cultures behind them.

The beige glaze seems elegant and calm, mapping out the 5,000-year-old Liangzhu civilization; the plum green glaze brings out the colors of the West Lake, which is full of lotus; pink green glaze represents the water flowing through the Grand Canal.

Zhou says: "The whole design process took one year. The combination of celadon and the Asian Games is a collision of tradition and modernity … 'Space Porcelain Doll' also wears an acrylic plastic shell, presenting the image of a space astronaut, enhancing the work's meaning and symbolism, and making it full of a sense of technology."


Designer Zhou Chunli. [Photo provided to China Daily]

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