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Foreign athletes show interest in Chinese language at Asian Games Village

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: October 11, 2023 L M S


A Kazakh athlete learns to play Go with his Chinese counterpart. [Photo/WeChat account: hzyy2022]

During the recent Hangzhou Asian Games, the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese language experience area at the Asian Games Village became a popular spot among foreign athletes.

The unique area was organized jointly by the Ministry of Education's Center for Language Education and Cooperation and Zhejiang International Studies University.

It featured five zones, offering a series of interactive Chinese cultural experiences, such as learning Chinese language and characters, poetry recitations, riddle games, and trying on traditional Chinese clothing.

Several foreign athletes shared their enjoyable experiences in the area.

Thai athlete Samarn Saelee expressed his strong interest in learning Chinese. He mentioned that he had some prior understanding of Chinese and could read sentences with proper pronunciation. After the experience, he even received a Learn to Speak Chinese study guide.

Jordanian athlete Hanan Nassar developed a keen interest in Chinese characters. She used colorful brushes to write her Chinese name "汉娜" and painted her favorite pictures on a traditional Chinese fan.

Numerous teams from various countries also visited the area. Indian athletes were fascinated by Chinese calligraphy, Iranian athletes had a great time in the 3D photo area, Kazakh athletes learned how to play Chinese chess, Turkmen athletes enjoyed Chinese card games, and Mongolian athletes had a blast at the "Chinese Character Night Market".

During the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, the area will receive a "facelift" and showcase even more exciting Chinese cultural experiences for foreign athletes to enjoy.


Thai athlete Samarn Saelee learns Chinese at the experience area. [Photo/WeChat account: hzyy2022]

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