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Cultural Showcase| Souvenirs get stamp of approval

China Daily| Updated: October 18, 2023 L M S


Among the unique postal memorabilia available at the Asian Games Village post offices are personalized postcards, some of which include pictures and audio recordings, as well as special postmarks representing all 61 sporting disciplines at the 19th Asian Games and sets of commemorative stamps. ZHANG WEI/CHINA DAILY

Designed by Shao Lichen, these stamps are created using high-line intaglio printing and multicolor overprinting techniques to enhance their vibrancy. Their unique, irregular perforations are shaped like the "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon" formation in West Lake, a distinctive symbol of Hangzhou.

To add a layer of security, the stamps feature fluorescent ink technology, which, when held under a UV light, reveal several orange-colored Hangzhou landmarks, bringing regional characteristics to life.

Additionally, on the same day, the limited commemorative envelopes for the Hangzhou Asian Games, along with the design of the commemorative stamps for the opening and closing ceremonies, were also released.

Three distinctive stamp collections were also unveiled with the themes of "Meeting in Hangzhou", "Asian Games in China" and "New Era, New Asian Games".

"We also have several customized items, including a special, lengthy silk scroll adorned with special stamps representing all 61 sports, gold stamps of the Hangzhou 19th Asian Games and also a set of pins," Sun said.

Alibaba Cloud and China Post have partnered to introduce the "Asian Games AIGC Personalized Smart Mailbox" through which users can easily generate content online and then print it onto postcards with a simple scan of the QR code.

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